Dubai Sports Events – What’s On The 2024 Sports Calendar?


The megacity of Dubai might be well known as a luxury shopping and resort destination, but it’s also a growing hub of international sporting activity. From prestige golfing events to local favourites such as camel racing and polo, the winters in Dubai bring an action-packed sports calendar to the city.

As well as our calendar of monthly events in Dubai this year, sports fans may like to plan out their travels based on these epic events to be held in Dubai this year:

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Major Events on the Dubai Sports Schedule 2024

This table summarises the major events throughout the year to be hosted in Dubai emirate.

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You may also like to pop over here for the calendar of international events being held in Abu Dhabi emirate, just over an hour away from Dubai.

NB: You’ll see a lot of events are seasonal over the winter months in Dubai; it should come as no surprise that the heat in Dubai can be oppressive over the summer months for anything outdoors, so most sporting action occurs from November to April. You’ll find a limited number of indoor events May-October – we will update this guide post-summer for more confirmed dates of sporting events Winter 2024-25.

Where to Find Dubai Sporting Venues

This map will help you locate where many of the major sporting events in Dubai are held.

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