Why You’ll Love Winter in Dubai – 2023/24 Guide


Everyone keeps telling you to visit Dubai in the winter, but why?

How much difference will it make to your Dubai experience to visit in the cooler months of the year? Exactly how cold does it get, and can you expect sunshine or rain? Is it still beach weather in the middle of the Dubai winter season? What’s going on during winter 2023-24 to make it worth the visit?

In this Dubai in winter guide, we will take you through:

If you’re interested in what to expect on the flip side, you can see our full guide to visiting Dubai in Summer here – along with our monthly guides to Dubai weather & events.

When is Winter in Dubai?

Following the northern hemisphere seasons, winter in Dubai falls from December to March. However, unlikely much of Europe and North America don’t expect snow and freezing temperatures. Dubai likes to blissfully glide into a mild winter of blue skies, sunny days, and crisp cool evenings – but rarely what most would call COLD.

Rather than a traditional four seasons, Dubai’s seasons can best be described as simply summer and winter, with huge degrees of heat variation between the two (or hot, very hot, and OMG, I can’t believe it gets that HOT!).

Boat in Dubai Marina
Winter in Dubai still brings plenty of sunshine and mild days

The cooler, more bearable months of the year generally run from late October, where we see a significant drop in daytime highs (from the 40’s°C down to the lows 30’s°C in November), through to mid-May, where the temperatures start hitting into the 40°C/100°F + realms once more.

Dubai Winter Temperature: How Cold Does Dubai Get in Winter?

The coolest month of the year for Dubai is January, where the average daytime high is 24.2°C (76°F). The average overnight low in January is 14.6°C (58°F), and the average sea temperature of Dubai in January is 23.9°C (75°F). You can expect, on average, 8 hours a day of sunshine on a Dubai winter’s day.

There can, of course, be extremes in Dubai at any time of year, and winter is no exception. Daytime temperatures in January can climb over 30°C (86°F), and nighttime temperatures in the mountains and desert can get as cold as freezing – snow can occur on the UAE’s highest peak – Jebel Jais – on the coldest of days.

Dubai Air Temperature Chart

Does it Rain in Dubai in the Winter?

Rain is not a daily occurrence in Dubai; however, increasingly, rainstorms can occur – usually downpours all at once rather than days on end of rain and drizzle.

On average, you can expect five rain days per month between December and March. It is hard to predict precisely when it might rain in Dubai more than a few days out, so we wouldn’t go planning a winter holiday in Dubai around the weather, nor even pack an umbrella.

However, be aware it CAN happen and when it does…. oh boy! Flash flooding and traffic chaos can ensue. It’s best if it rains during your trip to Dubai to head somewhere safely indoors and wait it out until it passes >> see our indoor suggestions below!

Fog in Dubai

By far, a bigger issue in Dubai in winter than rain is fog. For most of the winter months in Dubai, in fact, from even as early as September, you will start to experience some phenomenal morning fogs descending upon the city due to the overnight humidity.

This low-level fog normally burns off by mid-morning to leave a beautiful, crisp, and sunny day ahead. The fog can, however, cause air traffic chaos and problems on the fast-flowing roads. On rare occasions, it can be so severe as to close DXB airport.

Things to do in Dubai in the Winter

So, on to the fun stuff and why we love winter in Dubai so much. The cooler weather means a return to favourite parks and outdoor activities! Winter 2023/24 really starts with the return of outdoor markets and seasonal favourites like Global Village and rolls on with Christmas, New Year, and so much more, making the most of the great outdoors.

Expo City Dubai

Expo 2020 may now feel like a distant memory, but as promised, the grounds of the amazing site have been turned into a city of the future and are well worth checking out this winter. Events to look forward to include Winter City under the Al Wasl Dome – think Christmas markets, Santa and carols from 8 December until 7 January 2024.

l wasl roof at expo 2020 dubai

Easy to reach using the Dubai Metro, or there are local bus services now connecting Expo City Dubai to the surrounding suburbs.

You can learn more about Expo City Dubai here.

Dubai Parks & Outdoor Activities

Head to one of Dubai’s many parks and popular outdoor spaces during your winter trip to Dubai. Some of the top parks we recommend visitors to explore for experiencing different sides of Dubai include:

Mushrif Park – unlike most of the city’s parks that are beautifully manicured, Mushrif Park has a more wilderness feel of native shrubland amongst the native Ghaf trees. A popular weekend picnicking spot and home to the treetop ropes course, Aventura, it’s hard to believe such greenery exists close to the city!

Ras Al Khor Wildlife – Set along the banks of Dubai Creek and managed by Dubai Municipality, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Reserve is one of the most unique outdoor experiences in Dubai. Home to birds, most famously the flamingo, mammals, reptiles, and fish, this is one of the city’s hidden gems worthy of a half-day visit to soak in inner-city tranquillity.

Quranic Park – a new instalment of Dubai Municipality, this beautifully laid out park in the Al Khawaneej area of the city is dedicated to the Holy Quran. Covering 60 acres, the park is open to all faiths to explore, including the “Glasshouse” which displays plants mentioned in the Holy Quran and the “Cave of Miracles” which tells stories from the Holy Book.

J1 Beach (formerly La Mer) – We look forward to the return of this beachfront venue in early 2024 bringing al fresco dining, water sports and luxury beach clubs.

View from a park in Dubai back to the highrises of JBR
Dubai has a surprising range of great parks and outdoor spaces

Dubai Safari Park – Found in the Al Warqa 5 area of the city. The park plays host to over 3000 animals, with educational, conservation, and protection at the core of their mission.

The Walk & The Beach JBR – this iconic beachfront area of Dubai has something for everyone. City meets beach on the bustling waterfront walk. Enjoy cosmopolitan restaurants to ice cream stands and kids splash parks, camel rides along the beach, and a huge range of water sports are on offer.

Al Seef where old meets new along the western bank of the Dubai Creek. Traditional architecture seamlessly blends the city’s oldest neighbourhood into this modern waterfront destination. Catch your boat tours from here or enjoy a bite overlooking the water and stroll the touristy shops.

You can find our complete guide to Dubai’s best parks and outdoor spaces here as well as a guide to our favourite public beaches in Dubai.

Desert safaris, dune sports and camping in Dubai in winter

Winter is an ideal time to explore Dubai’s desert. On an evening, overnight safari, or early morning hot air balloon ride, you will definitely want to pack a warm jumper/sweater and take long trousers with you, along with closed-toe shoes. You may even want a beanie and scarf if you’re particularly susceptible to the cold but it’s not super cold. Organised desert camps will provide you with the necessary blankets.

With the cooler day temperatures too, winter is the best time for a daytime Dubai desert safari. Operates have re-opened post-Covid-19 with a strict range of safety measures in place to make them a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

A fun desert activity to enjoy in the winter for your adrenaline junkies is a dune buggy tour – check out exactly how you can book your dune buggy tour in Dubai over here.

You can see our complete guide to overnight camping and glamping in Dubai here.

Al Fresco Dining in Dubai

Dubai enjoys a spectacular array of outdoor dining venues, and full advantage is taken of this in the winter months to enjoy the city’s spectacular skyline.

Whether it’s city vistas and a thriving party scene you are after with views of the Burj Khalifa or romantic and uninterrupted views of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai has a rooftop bar to suit!

You can find our latest guide to Dubai’s best rooftop bars here.

Lady with drink at Dubai Rooftop bar
Enjoy the views and evening vibes of the city from one of Dubai’s many rooftop bars

We also love an outdoor brunch in the cooler winter months; you can find a selection of weekend favourites here, or try a traditional Sunday roast at these incredible venues for the perfect get-together with family and friends.

Explore the Old City and Souks of Dubai

The cooler months of winter make it ideal for longer strolls outside. You could spend a full day exploring the museums around Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, then take a traditional abra over to the Deira side of Dubai Creek to experience the many souks of Dubai, most popular the Gold & Spice Souks, and pick up some Dubai souvenirs!

The newly re-opened Shindagah Historic District would make a great outing this winter to rediscover a historic part of the city brought back to its former glory.

You can see a complete guide to Dubai’s Museums and cultural attractions here.

Hit the beach

Whilst many hotels have their own private beaches, there are a number of public beaches and beach clubs around the city offering a variety of different experiences. From sophisticated beach hang-outs to chilled-out family spots. Dubai really does have it all.

Most beach clubs close during the hottest months, and whilst December and January may not feel like beach weather for many residents, temperatures are still considered ‘warm’ by many visitors.

You can find out more about Dubai’s best public beaches here, whereas for more information about Dubai’s best beach clubs click here.

Dubai Water Parks and Water Sports in Winter

So, just how cold does the seawater get in winter? If you want to dip in the Arabian Gulf waters in winter, it can drop as low as 22°C (73°F) in the middle of winter.

Our super-sensitive desert kids would squeal that this is far too cold, but visitors from the depth of European winter will no doubt find it positively balmy!

  • Water Parks in Dubai remain open almost throughout the year, but you may find they close for a fortnight at some point in the winter (generally outside of school holiday times). It’s worth checking any possible closure times before you travel if this is an important part of your Dubai travel plans.
  • Resort swimming pools, on the other hand, are far more likely to be temperature controlled so you will find them wonderfully heated in the winter (in fact, pools will start being heated to maintain a steady 28°C-30°C water temperature from about October!). Not all hotel pools are created the same in this regard! It pays to check the fine print if you’re booking a Dubai hotel in winter.

Dubai Cruises and Boat Rides

You will undoubtedly be able to enjoy getting out on the water around Dubai in plenty of other ways.

Take either a tour out of Dubai Marina, or a traditional abra across Dubai Creek is popular, or extend your evening with a more formal dinner dhow cruise.

Remember, it can get chilly in the evenings so wear appropriate warmer clothing if you’ll be hitting the water at night.

Dubai’s Seasonal Winter Events

Many events and Dubai winter attractions will only open over the cooler months of the year, though these “seasons” are gradually creeping longer each year!

Here’s just a selection of our favourites for visitors to enjoy a different side of Dubai:

Global Village

The crowds and colours of Dubai’s Global Village need to be seen to be believed. Like a giant world’s fair representing over 70 countries through food, dance, and live performances.

You can enjoy super cheap entry to this outdoor extravaganza from 18 October 2023 through until 28 April 2024.

Dubai Garden Glow

A spectacular nighttime light display in Zabeel Park, combined with a visit to the Dinosaur Park and even an Ice Sculpture Park all in one venue for a magical evening.

The usual running dates are from October until early May.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The largest flower garden in the world by total blooms sits right here in Dubai! Marvel at the floral creations from the iconic A380 permanent feature to the swinging gardens, the floral clock, incredible topiary collections, and an annual changing lineup to impress!

1 October 2023 to early May 2024.

Winter Wonderland Dubai

Although Christmas is not a marked religious holiday in the UAE, there’s no denying it’s celebrated in a big way! It may still be warm outside, but magical winter wonderlands with snow machines to Santa himself will make appearances across the city in December.

All the large shopping malls will be in on the action, along with Souk Madinat, J1, and Ski Dubaisee our complete Christmas in Dubai guide here

Ripe Market

Only closing now for the hottest few months of the year, the Ripe Farmers Market has a few roving locations across the city during the summer. In winter, however, you can find it at Academy Park in the Umm Suqeim area of the city every Saturday and Sunday. The sprawling market is a great place to pick up fresh organic fruits and vegetables and also meet local artisans selling their hand-crafted products.

14 October 2023 to early May 2024

What if it Rains in Winter? What to do in Dubai When it Rains

On rare days, it does rain in Dubai, but don’t worry about it ruining your travel plans – Dubai is a city also built to be enjoyed indoors! Here are just a few suggestions to fill a rainy day in Dubai (with & without kids):

  • The Green Planet Dubai Offers an incredible indoor rainforest experience in the heart of the city. Snake your way around the giant artificial tree inside a giant biodome adjacent to the City Walk entertainment precinct. NEW for Winter 2023 is Nature Park – a large edutainment area featuring a treehouse with viewing platforms, adventure trails and slides, plus realistic animatronics of all manner of creepy crawly!
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure – the giant indoor theme park is home to your Marvel and Cartoon Network favourites through the Lost Valley for Dinosaur fans. There are plenty of thrilling rides and family fun inside for those rainy days.

You can see our complete guide to Dubai’s best indoor activities here.

So is it Worth Visiting Dubai in the Winter?

Absolutely! We can’t promise clear blue skies in Dubai every single day, but it’s pretty darn close to perfection for your mid-winter vacation!

You can check out exactly what to expect each month throughout winter here:

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