Theatre of Digital Art Dubai: Tranquillity at 360 Degrees


Be mesmerized by the beautiful fusion of art and sound this April 21st at the Theatre of Digital Art. Enjoy an hour of exceptional calligraphy art from Dia Allam’s collection “Layers”, interpreted with harmonious sounds produced by Anas Al Halabi’s Handpan Orchestra.

This one-of-a-kind show will inspire a new outlook on life, while promoting harmony and inner peace through Arabic scripts that transform into vivid images. Tickets start at AED 180 only so make sure to catch this unique experience!

Tranquillity at 360 degrees with Dia Allam calligraphy TODA Dubai (3)


A hypnotic fusion of Art & Sound

Celebrate Eid Al Fitr 2023 with Tranquillity at 360 degrees with exceptional calligraphy artist Dia Allam, accompanied by the musical brilliance of Anas Al Halabi’s Handpan Orchestra. Surround yourself with beautiful Arabic calligraphy that defines life’s different “Layers” while listening to the harmonious sounds produced by the orchestra, on the 21st of April.

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The 1-hour majestic performance will incorporate Allam’s stunning calligraphy work from his collection “Layers”, specially curated for this one-of-a-kind show. Allam’s collection is inspired by his self-reflection, showcasing the artist’s interpretation of the different layers in life, aspiring the audience to take away a new outlook on life.

Experience the beauty of the handpan with a live performance brought by Anas Al Halabi, the first Handpan teacher in the Middle East. The international artist has a repertoire of over 200 events in 20 countries, with a record of creating the first Handpan Orchestra in the world with 100 players. Anas has formed his own handpan community of ten of the region’s most talented musicians who will now be performing at TODA, with an immersive style of Arabian art that completely captivates all its audience’s senses.

Guests will have the chance to walk out of the performance feeling relaxed; with a refreshed perspective on the beauty of Arabic art and a newfound appreciation for the distinctive sounds of the Handpan. Join us on the 21st of April to observe how Arabic scripts transform into vivid images, promoting harmony and inner peace. Make sure you catch this unparalleled fusion of art and sound, with ticket prices starting at AED 180 only at the Theatre of Digital Art.

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