Rent a Bike in Dubai – Everything You Need to Know to Get Pedalling!


Your need-to-know guide on where and how to rent a bike in Dubai

If you’re a resident of Dubai or are just visiting the extravagant city, you must know how the roads get jam-packed during rush hour. And, with the rising fuel and fare prices, people are always looking for a better alternative to travelling in cars or cabs.

And what might that be, you wonder?

Cycling! A healthy, fast, and cheap way to get around Dubai! Plus, you can always find a route that’s specific to bikes only.

So, to avoid rush-hour traffic and save time and money, we will tell you everything there is to know about cycling and renting a bike in Dubai.

But here’s the catch! There are several different types of bikes available. Which one should you go for? Let’s have a look at your bike rental options in Dubai.

Which Type of Bike To Rent in Dubai?

When it comes to bikes, there isn’t just one type; you’ll find tourist ebikes, sports/track bikes, and desert bikes. And each is for a different purpose.

For instance:

Tourist bikes are made specifically for a few hours to multiple-day trips for riders with any level of experience. They are designed with baskets to carry all your belongings during your trip. In addition, they are comfortable, sturdy, and can sustain more than just the biker’s weight.

Now, if you’re in for some thrill, a sports or track bike would be a good idea. They are designed for speed, acceleration, high performance, and comfort. So, if you plan on visiting a biking track in Dubai, rent a sports or track bike.

Lastly, as Dubai is a desert city, there are many attractions right in the middle of the desert. Although getting there by car or a 4WD jeep would be ideal, cruising through the sand on a desert bike is what adds to the fun! So, if you want to have an authentic desert safari experience, make sure it’s on a fat tire bike!

With that sorted, let us tell you a bit about the rules for cycling in Dubai because you certainly don’t want to get fined for having the time of your life on a bike!

careem bikes in Abu Dhabi

Rules for Cycling in Dubai

Whether you own a bike or are renting one, you should take care of the following things when cycling in Dubai:

  • Your bike must have the main headlight, red rear light and reflector.
  • While cycling, make sure to stay on the right side of the road.
  • You cannot ride a bike on the footpaths as they’re for pedestrians.
  • Keep your speed below 30 km/h.
  • The bike can only have one rider on it unless it is designed for two riders, like a tandem bike.
  • Helmets are strongly recommended but not mandated for street hires; on designated bike tracks, they are a must or entry will be refused.
  • Keep both your hands on the handlebars unless signalling a turn.
  • You must cycle in a single file and cannot move in a zigzag manner.

Now that you know the rules for cycling, let’s rent a bike in Dubai!

How to Hire a Tourist Bike in Dubai

If you want to explore Dubai on a bike, you can easily find two main ebike rental operators in the city.


A renowned bike rental company in Dubai is BYKY. The best thing about this company is that it offers single bikes and quad bikes, ideal for the entire family.

Unlike other bike rental services, getting a bike from BYKY is relatively easier, as you only have to provide a document as identity proof, and you’re good to go; no need to register for apps and pay online; this is the simplest bike hire in Dubai! (Just don’t forget to pick up your ID card when you finish!)

Byky bike hire in Dubai


BYKY has 7 stations all over Dubai, including Dubai Marina, Creek Park, JBR The Beach, CityWalk P2, Al Barsha Park, Al Seef, and Nahda Pond Park.

Rental Charges:

The rental charges for 30 minutes are 20 AED. There are different rates for different bike types; if you rent a double bike, you pay 55 AED for the first 45 minutes. The rates for the Berg family bike are 70 AED, and 50 AED for an E-scooter.

Contact: 800-3330 or +971-4-238-4344 | Email: | Website:

2. Careem Bike

Careem Bike has a long-standing partnership with the RTA to provide 3500 pedal bikes over five years as part of the integrated public transit system in Dubai. Currently, their fleet has around 800 bikes, but this will shortly increase to 1750 bikes – eventually, there will be 3,500 in their fleet!

Unlike other public transport in Dubai, which can be paid for using your Nol card, even as a visitor to Dubai, you’ll need to download the Careem Bike App (Apple App Store | Google Play Store) and set up an account to get your hands on a rideshare bike in Dubai

Once you’re registered, take out the length of membership you need, and then you’ll get a QR Code to unlock your bike – taking as many 45-minute trips as you like.

One downside is that renters need to be aged 15 years and above, and an adult must accompany those under 18. If you go over 45 minutes at a time before returning your bike to a docking station, you’ll incur an extra charge of 10 AED per 30 minutes.


There are over 80 stations across the city; this number is increasing this year to 175. You’ll find them in all primary tourist locations across the city, such as Jumeirah Beach, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Canal.

Rental Charges:

Membership plans range from 1 day to 1 year!

The easiest bike rental packages for tourists in Dubai are daily and weekly – 20 AED/50AED. You can extend this to one month for 75 AED or one year, 420 AED.

Bike Rental Shops in Dubai

If you are looking at more professional high-end bikes for racing and off-roading, some of the bike rental shops we’d recommend you investigate include:

  • Wolfi’s Bike Shop – located on Sheikh Zayed Road, offers alloy road bikes, carbon road bikes, e-bikes and urban bikes.
  • Trek Bike Shop – For those heading out to the Al Qudra track
  • The Cycle Hub – Based at Dubai Autodrome and Jumeirah 1
  • F1rstride – another Al Qudra track option, offering entry level through to pro road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrids.

Where Can You Go Cycling in Dubai?

If you’re looking for a safe place to go cycling with your family, here are some favourite Dubai parks where you can do so without the fear of cars coming in the way!

1. Al Barsha Park

Al Barsha Park is a family-friendly park with a 1500-meter-long cycling track located in one of Dubai’s business and residential hubs. It has free entry and is open almost all day from 8 am to 10 am. It is an ideal place to go if you have kids.

2. Mushrif Park

Want to cycle around the gentle dunes? Head over to Mushrif Park, pay 3 AED for entrance (or 10 AED by car), and ride along the 4.5 km loop track through Dubai’s sandy Ghaf forest (though we’ve heard the path is extended beyond the park now, and you can enter for free!) You can cycle in the park till 11 pm; however, the bike track has no lighting after sunset. You must bring your own light after dark, and always a helmet!

Note that a much more challenging mountain bike trail has also opened in Mushrif, don’t mistake this for the sealed path, more appropriate for families and casual riders.

3. Dubai Water Canal

How about cycling at the waterfront? Dubai Water Canal has a 6.4 km cycling track with a magnificent view of the water, while there’s an additional 12 km track at a distance. Both the tracks are refreshing and ideal for cycling in an open space.

These were a few places to visit when renting a touring bike. But, if you’re up for an adventure, we have rounded up some amazing bike tracks and mountain bike places in Dubai.

4. Palm Jumeirah

Why not head to the 11.6-kilometre-long outer Crescent of Palm Jumeirah for something super scenic and iconically Dubai? You’ll be cycling past some of Dubai’s most luxurious resort hotels and have some epic views back to Jumeirah Beach and JBR. You could pick up a bike after taking the Palm Monorail to the crescent or start from the mainland and take in the paths that include Palm West Beach and Al Ittihad Park.

You may spot some distinctive pastel ebikes at Palm West Beach; these FENIX ebike require you to download the FENIX app and cost just AED 1 per minute for use on Palm Jumeirah.

Bike Tracks in Dubai

If you’re looking to bike ride in Dubai at a proper track reserved just for cycling, here are some amazing places you might like:

1. Al Qudra Cycling Track

Nothing beats riding a bike amidst the dunes of the desert! Al Qudra Cycling Track comprises two tracks ideal for short and long rides. There’s one 18-kilometre path for light cycling; however, you can try the 50-kilometre track that crosses the Bab Al-Shams resort if you want to go all out. It’s the perfect spot for a stopover to refresh yourself for the journey ahead.

If you want to rent a sports bike for this track, you can do so from Al Qudra Trek Bikes, the on-site bicycle shop. You must pre-book these to avoid disappointment, especially at weekends. They have a wide range available including kids’ bikes, performance road bikes, trail bikes and fat bikes.

You can learn more about visiting the Al Qudra area of the city here.

2. Nad Al Sheba Track

If you’re looking for a bike track that overlooks the city, the Nad Al Sheba is where you should go! Located near the Mayden Racecourse, this track was once a camel track but was converted into a proper bike track some years ago.

It has three loops: the 4km one, the 6km one, and the 8km one. Plus, it is well-lit at night also, so if you want to escape the summer heat, you can go there after sundown for a bike ride.

3. Dubai Autodrome

The Dubai Autodrome is a famous motorsport facility, but it offers a 2.46 km bike track too. It is a closed circuit perfect for people trying to take their cycling skills up a notch. Also, the circuit is lit with floodlights for an exciting bike ride experience at night.

How about we head just a bit towards the outskirts of Dubai for some mountain biking?

Mountain Biking in Dubai

If you’re an avid cyclist who’s looking for some off-road fun, head over to the following places for an exhilarating mountain biking experience:

1. Hatta

Behold Hatta! A mountain located just outside Dubai where the real cycling challenges await you! It has a 52 km long biking trail with 4 different levels based on your biking skills. With hair-raising twists and turns and rocky outcrops, this track is for professionals and seasoned bikers only.

To rent mountain bikes fit for this track, visit the Hatta MTB Center and get complete cycling essentials for your ride. They no longer have a website, but you can call in advance to book +971502013011.

mountain biking wheel of a bike in the desert mountains of Dubai

2. Ras Al Khaimah Bike Tracks

This one is for all the off-road enthusiasts out there! If you want to get your adrenaline rushing, try one of the mountain bike tracks at Ras Al Khaimah, like Showka, Yalla Pump, WormHole.

The tracks at Ras Al Khaimah are unlike other bike tracks in Dubai! They are specially made for people who enjoy long routes for technical cycling.

But, for tracks like these, you need to be fully prepped with proper biking gear and other essentials that we have mentioned earlier in this article.

3. Fat Biking in Dubai

If fat biking and desert dunes are your thing, check out our guide to Dubai Desert Safari; many of these operators include fat biking as an optional extra activity in their programs.

We have a compelte guide over here to bike hire and cycling locations in Abu Dhabi

Things to Keep at Hand When Cycling in Dubai

Cycling is an enjoyable activity; however, to be on the safe side – and especially to deal with the extreme heat in Dubai at many times of the year – here’s a list of things you should keep at hand when riding a bike in Dubai:

  • Helmet
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Your ID
  • Handful of snacks
  • Portable pump
  • And the Maps app to help you get around without getting lost.

More Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Bike Rental and Cycling in Dubai

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Dubai?

The cheapest bike rentals in Dubai start from 20 AED per 30 minutes for Byky, or 20AED for 45 minutes using Careem BIKE.

Do you have to wear a helmet on bikes in Dubai?

Bike riding helmets are not mandated by law on the open roads in Dubai but are strongly recommended. Specialised bike tracks may refuse entry if a helmet is not worn.

What is Cyacle?

Cyacle is a predecessor to Careem BIKE. It was bought out, and Careem BIKE is now the government partner in its ride-share scheme.

Are Careem Bikes electric?

Careem bikes are described as pedal-assisted with electric motors. You do not ‘turn them on’ or twist a throttle, just start pedalling! They come with just three gears for different terrains, so they are incredibly easy to use.

Can you hire e-escooters in Dubai?

Yes! as well as bikes, there are several e-scooter rental companies in Dubai. We have a complete guide over here to electric scooters in Dubai with more information on where and how they can be hired.

Cycling is one of the many activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, and, if you’re in Dubai, you can find ample cycling tracks and bike rental companies to keep up your good habits – even on your Dubai vacation!

Not only can you avoid the traffic jams the city is prone to in peak times, but it’s also the best way to see the city from a whole new perspective.

So, pack your gear, whip out that helmet and go bike riding in the high-end city of Dubai!

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