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Shawarma is the king of street food in Dubai. It’s everywhere! Whether you’re looking for a quick grab-and-go lunch on a busy weekday or a late-night snack on weeknights, you’ll find a spot nearby serving this delicious and filling dish.

Considering the popularity and love for shawarma amongst Dubai’s locals and tourists, you might be surprised to learn that this dish has its roots in Turkey. Surprised? We thought so!

So, where can you find the best shawarma in Dubai?

Well, kerbside shawarma stands are dotted all over the city. They serve a yummy falafel wrap with lots of fillings. But sometimes, it’s better to indulge in this delicacy in a proper sit-down restaurant. Luckily, Dubai does not disappoint in this department either.

Al Seef, Jumeirah, and Satwa are some of the best areas of town to find a good shawarma restaurant.

Before we check the list of Dubai’s best shawarma restaurants, let’s unwrap the secrets of what makes a great shawarma.

Shawarma – A Bite Filled with Flavors

Chargrilled meat (chicken, lamb, or beef) cooked on large, vertical spits makes the star ingredient of shawarma. These are stacked with onions, tomatoes, sizzling hot peppers, and occasionally french fries.

Middle Eastern variations bring a new twist to this dish by adding pickles, hummus spread, tahini sauce, or even labneh as a dressing. What gives the wrap a final touch is the smoky flavour of the meat combined with generous spoonfuls of garlic sauce. Yum!

man carving shawarma on a vertical spit
delicious shawarma wraps

As for the bread, it’s usually a thin pita that is lightly toasted and then stuffed with these delicious ingredients.

Complete your meal with a chilled Coke or a fruity juice to wash down the flavours. Other drinks that pair well with shawarma are laban (salted yoghurt drink) and jellab (a sweet concoction of grape molasses and rose water).

If you want a heavier meal, many restaurants also serve platters with rice, chips, or bread and salad on the side.

Now that your taste buds are tingling, let’s explore Dubai’s best shawarma restaurants that guarantee an unforgettable shawarma experience.

Best Shawarma Restaurants in Dubai


With over 35 years of legacy, this restaurant serves lip-smacking shawarmas with juicy chunks of meat marinated in Arabic spices. You won’t be able to pick between chicken and lamb – they’re both so satisfying!

What really hits the spot is Al Mallah’s punchy garlic sauce and fluffy pita bread. You’ll want to order another wrap right after the first bite. And why not? It’s only Dhs 9!

Also, try one (two, three, or all) of Al Mallah’s refreshing juices. We love their pomegranate, mango, and guava juices.

You’ll find Al Mallah in various spots. But Al-Seef, Ibn Battuta, and Satwa are the most popular.

Learn more about the restaurant and its menu at www.almallahuae.com.


We all know and love Al-Baik for its chin-dripping good nuggets, fish, and burgers. But did you know that they have shawarmas on their menu too?

Al-Baik’s shawarma has a slightly different taste, but it’s delicious nonetheless. They fill their wrap with chunky cuts of grilled chicken, bathe it in lots of garlic (or tahini) sauce, dress it with french fries, and serve it sizzling hot. If you prefer a spicier version, you can request it.

Also, try their fish fillet meal and jumbo shrimp meal. Your tummy will thank you for the treat!

You’ll find Al-Baik in Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates.

Learn more about their menu and deals at www.albaik.com.

Al Beiruti

The next stellar addition to our list of the best shawarma in Dubai is Al-Beiruti. It’s a Lebanese restaurant that has been warming hearts and satisfying cravings for years.

Their sandwich platters are amazing! Whether you order a chicken, beef, or mix of shawarma, you’ll get thick potato wedges, a coleslaw (or side salad), and some extra dip. It’s a meal fit for a king!

Also, try their Shrimp Fatteh, Frake Nayye, and Ghazal Al Beiruti. Each of these dishes has a unique flavour that’ll stay with you for a long time!

You’ll find Al Beiruti at Dubai Hills Mall, Umm Al Sheif, and The Pointe, the Palm. Call to check the timings before you drop by.

Learn more about their other dishes and pricing at www.albeiruti.com.

Al Hallab

Who said shawarma can’t be enjoyed as fine dining? Al Hallab is an upscale dining spot in Dubai with a diverse menu. From international dishes to Dubai favourites, there’s something for every eater. They also have kids’ meals.

Al Hallab takes shawarma a notch up with their freshly baked bread. It’s so soft and fluffy you’d want to wrap your face in it. Their garlic sauce is also different from the regular ones; you won’t be able to put a finger on what’s so special about it – but there is!

Also, try Al Hallab’s shish tawouk, stuffed lamb, and grilled lobster. Their sweets are a delight, too.

You’ll find Al Hallab in four different locations across Dubai, including Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Garhoud, and Downtown Dubai.

Learn more about their dine-in arrangements at alhallabrestaurant.com

Al Nafoorah

If dining in intricately designed, upscale restaurants is more your vibe, head to Al Nafoorah. The restaurant offers authentic Lebanese cuisine in an elegant setting.

The shawarma in Al Nafoorah has a nice smoky taste to it – people who love charred shawarma will relish every bite. The chicken is spiced just right, and the pickles and fries are a perfect match.

Also, try their Hot Mazzeh Platter and Grilled Lamb Reyash. They also have a delicious collection of desserts and drinks.

You’ll find Al Nafoorah at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray and Jumeirah Al Qasr.

Learn more about the restaurants at alnafoorahdubai.

Istanbul Flower

Do you want to try the Turkish version of shawarma in Dubai? Istanbul Flower is your place. It is one of Dubai’s most famous Turkish restaurants, and its flavor profile is spot-on.

Shawarmas at Istanbul Flower have a nice Turkish zing to them. They’re grilled to perfection, and their juicy meat is complemented with a mix of veggies and french fries. They also add a little bit of spicy sauce for the kick.

Also, try their eggplant skewers and signature salad to elevate your dining experience.

You’ll find Istanbul Flower at Sheikh Zayed Road.

Learn more about the restaurant’s offerings at istanbulflowerdubai.


Enjoy your shawarma with a view at Bebabel. The restaurant offers spectacular views of the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa. Would you want to skip a photo op like that? We wouldn’t!

Bebabel’s shawarma platters come loaded with succulent and well-marinated meat, a generous helping of creamy tarator sauce, crisp and cubed fried potatoes, and a whole lot of crunchy vegetables – talk about food coma!

Also, try lamb cutlets and something from their Tarha collection.

You’ll find Bebabel at Dubai Mall.

Learn more about what’s on the menu by checking out their website: www.bebabelkuwait.com.

Laffah Restaurant

Your search for the best shawarma in Dubai will take you to Laffah. The shawarma here has a sweet and spicy flavour profile with an aromatic peppery kick. The restaurant makes sure the chicken is slathered in their special sauce before making it to the thin wrap.

You can choose between Arabic and Lebanese bread, chicken and beef, and platter and wraps – talk about convenience and freedom of choice. Oh, and let us highlight the affordability – the prices are a steal.

Also, try the burgers and broast at Laffah for a flavorful bite.

You’ll find the restaurant located in various spots across Dubai. They’re also in Sharjah!

Learn more about Laffah’s menu and prices at laffahrestaurant.com.


Another one of the Lebanese restaurants in Dubai that has a scrumptious shawarma to offer is Mantoushe. They’re known for their authentic Levantine dishes and fresh ingredients – which you’ll taste in their shawarmas!

The best thing about the shawarma here is their bread. It’s baked with extra care, so it doesn’t lose its softness as you load it with the filling. As for the filling, it’s hearty and fulfilling. They like to call it Steakmous.

Also, try their Chicado and Steakout bowls – they’re the perfect combination of meat, veggies, and grains.

You’ll find this shawarma joint at several spots. Dubai Media City is one of them.

Learn more about what you can find at Mantoushe at their website – mantoushe.com.

Shiraz Nights

Enjoy a bite of a flavorful shawarma right in the heart of Dubai’s most Middle Eastern spot – Deira. Shiraz Nights is a Persian restaurant that’ll introduce you to a new side of the city. The highlight is their pricing – so waller-friendly!

The shawarma at Shiraz Nights is made with beef or chicken, and both options are equally satisfying. The best part is how they balance out the spices, herbs, and sauce – every ingredient shines! They wrap their shawarmas in thin and warm Iranian bread.

Also, try an energizing glass of chilled pomegranate juice.

You’ll find Shiraz Nights at Baniyas, Deira.

Learn more about Shiraz Nights’ menu and pricing at shiraz-nights.com.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best Shawarma restaurants in Dubai. If you love trying out local delicacies in this incredible multi-cultural city, you may also be interested to try next:

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